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Search engine in RSS feeds

GlossaNet is a specialized search engine and also watch engine. It lets you make searches in every published texts on the Internet in the form of RSS feeds : press, media, blogs, forum, firms, etc.

You specify a RSS publication list, you register a query and the system will analyse these sources and will search some keywords or expressions that you will have already specified. Then you could consult results on the GlossaNet interface or choose to receive reports by email.

This service is free and works everywhere in every languages.

Linguistic watch


This service is really useful for linguists : you can constitute specialized corpora and locate in them some words or syntactical structures attestations. Results are coming in the form of concordances.

As GlossaNet uses electronic dictionaries , users can ripen their queries with morphological, syntactical and semantic informations (thus it is a precious tool for corpus linguists). These queries can be written under the shape of words, complex expressions or graphs.

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